About Brian Gottheil

Brian Gottheil is a labour and employment lawyer practicing with Bernardi Human Resource Law in Toronto, Canada. He represents employers in all areas of employment and labour law, including wrongful dismissal actions, grievance arbitrations, human rights applications, common and successor employer litigation, and advising on Employment Standards Act, occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation issues. Brian has experience advising employers and preparing legal opinions on a variety of employment and labour law issues. He has also been involved in major litigation concerning emerging issues in human rights and constitutional law.

Please note that this website is no longer being updated. Please visit briangottheil.com instead.

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Brian has a particularly keen interest in mediation and dispute resolution, and in addition to successfully settling numerous cases on behalf of his clients, he has acted as a pro bono mediator for a dispute between a charitable foundation and its outgoing executive director.

Outside of law, Brian’s main hobby and passion is swing dancing. He is currently the President of Toronto Lindy Hop, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting swing era dances.

Brian is also the author of Gateways, a fantasy novel that will be self-published most likely in 2014. Visit Brian’s author website here.


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