Some Bios

As this is a professional blog, I’ve kept the “About” page to a professional bio, but I thought that some readers might want a broader sense of me. So here are some other bios I’ve written about myself for other purposes.

From a writing point of view, here is the bio I penned for my Smashwords author profile:

I’ve been writing fiction since I was five years old, when I penned a charmingly mis-spelled epic about my then-favourite sport — “baceball” — and I’m very excited to join the Smashwords community and, in the near future, share some of my more recent writing.

I work as a labour and employment lawyer in Toronto, Canada — check out my blog (linked in this profile) for a sense of the interesting issues I deal with day to day. Outside of work, while I’m less enamoured than I once was with “baceball,” I’ve replaced it with a hobby and passion that I find even more creative, exciting, and easy to spell: swing dancing. In addition to the joy of dancing itself, I also serve as President of Toronto Lindy Hop, a not-for-profit swing dance organization, which I find incredibly rewarding.

Current writing projects: preparing my debut novel for publication, likely in late 2014, and making plans for a very different and more personal novel inspired by my experiences in the swing dance community.

And when it comes to dancing, I wrote this bio (also quite professional-sounding, in hindsight) for Toronto Lindy Hop:

Brian has been lindy hopping for more than a decade and has a passion for spreading the joy of the dance. Brian co-founded and served as the first President of the University of Toronto Swing Dance Club, one of Toronto’s most successful swing dance organizations. He then served Toronto Lindy Hop as Treasurer before moving to Ottawa, where he studied dancing and scene-building with Swing Dynamite. Brian is thrilled to be back home in Toronto with the opportunity to lead Toronto Lindy Hop in its mandate to enrich Toronto’s dance experience.

Enough about me, though. Why do you blog, and what’s brought you here?


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