Legal Gateways

**Please note this blog is no longer being updated. I hope you will visit my new site at**


My name is Brian Gottheil, and I am a labour and employment lawyer in Toronto, Canada.


I’m also a lot more than that: I am the author of Gateways, a fantasy novel that will be self-published within the next year, and the president of Toronto Lindy Hop, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting swing dancing in Toronto and enriching the dance experience.

I intend for Legal Gateways to be my professional blog, broadly defined to cover all three of my professional and semi-professional activities: law, writing and dance. I hope to attract readers who are interested in each of these fields, and with some luck, to get the dancers interested in law and vice versa.

The title of the blog reflects the fact that the legal side is going to be the primary focus. To tell you a bit more about my qualifications: I have been practicing exclusively in the area of labour and employment law since 2010 with the leading global law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright, representing both unionized and non-union employers with respect to virtually any legal issue that arises in the workplace. I have a keen interest in mediation and dispute resolution, and in addition to successfully settling numerous cases on behalf of my clients, I have had the opportunity to act as a pro bono mediator for a dispute between a charitable foundation and its outgoing executive director. I’ve also been involved in major litigation concerning emerging human rights and constitutional issues.

I want to go into greater depth with some of these issues than other law blogs do. The format will start with a bottom-line summary for those readers who want to pick up the headlines on new legal developments that may concern them or their businesses. But I am also concerned with legal literacy — with people’s understanding of the law and the legal system — and I want the blog to be educational as well as merely informative. While labour and employment law will be the focus, I also intend to pick out and analyse other legal issues that are making the news. For example, in other forums in the past, I have written on the Superior Court decision that upheld the eviction of the Occupy Toronto protesters, and on the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in the Rob Ford conflict of interest case.

I’ll be briefer, for the moment, about writing and dance. As writing goes, suffice it to say that the title Legal Gateways doesn’t refer only to my intention to educate about law and the legal system. It’s also a play on Gateways, the title of my forthcoming novel. The manuscript of the novel is complete and is now in the hands of a very capable professional editor. I will keep you up to date on its progress. For dance, to get a better sense of the not-for-profit organization of which I am the president, check out Toronto Lindy Hop’s website and Facebook page.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to exploring these gateways with all of you.


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